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Read Before Posting!

Post  FireFox™ on Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:42 am

What I keep seeing here, is people think the report forum is a chat area - Wrong.

1. If I catch you posting a comment, even if it's just help in someone else's report - You will be given an infraction.

2. If I see you're a repeat offender - You will be banned.

3. If you continue after that - Your ban will be extended.

People, we want to help you out - It's hard to do so when we've got tons of posts in one report, and we can't figure out what the report is about.

So, unless you are DIRECTLY involved in the report, DO NOT post in a report. This means that you are the person that was reported and want to defend yourself, or you were in the screen shots and can provide more information about the report.
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